Rocking the Shack: Acoustic Hubs

Rocking the Shack


The latest trends in office design have seen a sharp rise in offices with a more natural feel, focus on collaboration, agile working and good acoustics. There has also been a growing focus on how these elements and others affect employees mental health, as well as productivity.

Over the past decade we have seen the rise of the acoustic pod. From the phone booth for taking a quick call with privacy, to large meeting rooms, the pod has created the ability for the office to be dynamic internal rooms to be built retrospectively and irrespective of ceiling height or the environment.


Acoustic Hubs

2 years ago, Nick Turner came up with the concept of creating a modular acoustic hub made with a wooden frame. He was inspired by the concepts of a cabin in the woods, blanketed in snow and the acoustic properties that it brought with it.

Nick set up Acoustic Hubs and back in October launched “The Hub” at 100% Design, Olympia. The Hub is simple in it’s design, comprised of 8 pieces.  it’s modular and dynamic in what you can achieve. And most importantly, it’s very durable, so it’s built to last.


The Frame
Comprised of Douglas Fir,  this tree is found in abundance in the mountainous areas of British Columbia, and is one of the hardest of the softwood.  Due to the branches being found only at the top , you get lovely long pieces of wood. It is used throughout North America by timber specialists. The Douglas Fir used in the Hub makes it unique, very flexible product that can be finished in many different ways.

The Materials
There has been no compromise on the quality of materials used to manufacture the hub. From Saint Gobain Stadip Silence glass, Autex Quietspace panels, Camira for fabrics and Soundmask for digital noise generation, collectively it creates a pod with excellent acoustic properties.

The Finishes
There is no limit to the finishes you can call upon to create your own unique hub. From the paints, decals and wallpapers on the wooden panels, fabrics on the internal panels.You can intergrate a working whiteboard or screen, and have full choice of lighting and power options.


Now on show in Clerkenwell

We at Utility Plus are pleased to support Acoustic Hubs and as we like their product so much, we’ve had one built in our showroom for you to come and see. It’s truly a unique product and to book an appointment, please get in touch

If you want to find out more about The Hub or Acoustic hubs, check out their website at