Creating table tennis breakout tables


Anyone for table tennis?

We’ve been working recently on creating dual purpose tables for meeting and  breakout spaces and  installed our first ping pong meeting table in Canary Wharf.  Table tennis is a great sport for the office as it’s sociable, fun and studies show increases blood flow to the brain increasing motor skills and cognitive awareness – Great for productivity!!

The table features a 25mm Fenix top, which is not only incredibly durable as a surface (and produces an excellent bounce…) but it’s also fingerprint and scratch resistant so is perfect material for both games and as a heavily used table. The ply edge gives it a softer feel and    contrasting Vinyl table markings are applied. We used our TILT frame as part of this project, but we have a range of different leg styles available at your disposal.

fenix finishes

Example of Finishes of Fenix (Above)

The net is always the most important part of a dual use table as putting it up is time consuming and leaving it up is impractical if you are using it for meetings. Our cork nets not only look really contemporary (and are regulation height…) but they fold up easily and be left, neat in the centre of the table. The balls even fold up within the net.

Sustainable productImage result for corknet

These tables not only look great but will provide hopefully hours of competitive, productive fun

table tennis table
If you’re thinking of creating something a little different for your office or new project, why not get in touch?