Forty5 Modular Seating

Forty5 is a configurable modular sofa system that offers a high level of flexbility and design. With low pieces, high piecesĀ and “mountain” angled pieces, you can create a range of different types of seating for a variety of environments. Forty5 has pieces that lets you configure on the 45 degrees, meaning you can create a real statement sofa for reception, education or breakout environments, navigating the trickiest of workspaces.

Forty5 also integrates with coffee tables, power units, high laptop tables and planters so it can be used for a multiple of different means. The ability to upholster pieces in different colours, or even upholster the seat differently to the side of the sofa gives you a great deal of choice in design. 2 seater sofa units can come with high backs or divides for good acoustics and privacy. Linking brackets ensure that no matter the design, it looks a one piece sofa.

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