Inventiv Health

On email mailshot’s and your LinkedIn newsfeed, you’re never far away from an article exclaiming the impending    ‘death of the workstation’, whilst the desk as we know it is getting smaller both in width and in depth, if anything more detail needs to be taken to the furniture to ensure that the user is still happy, productive and comfortable. This project involved a lot of detail.

We started working with global clinical and commercial services company Inventiv Health with the direction of  architecture and design practice Arcademy to create their open plan furniture. With a non-standard module of 1500x700mm we created a custom A-frame cut-away leg with curved white tops. This product can be found on our website now as “Prism”

With the reduced module depth, it was a case of maximising the user’s desk space. The best way was to lift most items off the desk. We utilised the T-level accessory rail that was inset on the desktop and this supported multiple ergonomic Finix monitor arms,  pen pots, paper trays and a bespoke magnetic whiteboard.


Another challenge that was requested from us was to create a kick-plate between users so that opposing users didn’t invade each other’s space and kick each other by accident. We created a melamine kick-board and integrated this with the  neat cable management with desktop power above. Desk-end storage was custom made to fit the module size.


Elsewhere the project included our cafe chairs, taxi flip top tables and Kase executive chairs. As you will see from the images, meeting rooms each had individual eclectic personality that juxtaposed the clean, monochromatic look of the open plan areas and café. It was an excellent looking project by the end, and we hope they love their new home.

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