We recently completed the design and installation of the open plan furniture, glass partitions hinged door, sliding door sets and  integrated workwall for Equistone Partners at at Ludgate Hill.

We worked closely with architects Arcademy Design who created a calm, but classic environment consisting of cellular office and meeting spaces around the periphery of the open plan for Equistone.

For the partitioning we used 40mm glass fronts with 12.8mm laminate glass, 100mm Workwall with 4 elevations of white panelling, and pinnable fabric panels placed above desk positions. In addition to this, light switches and controls were carefully planned and installed
into white panels adjacent to door sets . Hung from the Workwall were specially designed 2000mm overhead storage units featuring soft close sliding doors , we also provided specially made integrated wardrobes for single and shared rooms to match desk depths

The solid work walls offered a good level of acoustic performance using our acoustic infill and the sliding door sets also featured our soft close mechanism .

There was a well considered palette of RAL 9010 panelling and horizontal strips with the main framework being in RAL 7031 , the soft green Blazer fabric for the screening gave a nice contrast and complemented the carpet nicely.

Cellular Desks were provide with shaped meeting ends and featured both fixed height and sit stand options . New cantilever chairs were chosen with to sit well with the customers existing Aaron’s

Full height high capacity steel storage units in 9010 with doors and drawers were selected to match the height of one panelling level and were cloaked in matching elm melamine to create a built in feel .

The open plan desks were built in groups of Two positions with a full 4000mm run of steel storage to their front elevation with back painted glass tops , the elm desk positions and storage ends were clad in matching 9010 paneling to match in well with the partition colour palette , desk up screening , desk top power and cpu holders were also provided .

The main finance office featured a coral arrangement with desks made to exactly match the room dimensions with overhead storage and panelling above each desk position to match the main cellular offices. Desk end storage units in 9010 were used with matching elm finishing top to give a seamless effect .


The overall project for Equistone was a highly bespoke furniture package, that catered to the clients needs. If you’re interested in finding out more about our partitioning system, visit our partitioning page or if you would like to find out more about our products or what we can do for you then get in touch with us at hello@utility-plus.com or give us a call on 0207 253 8983

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