It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

We like to think at Utility+ that every project is unique in the design and challenges that it possesses. This project however was far different to the norm and not only did we thoroughly enjoy it, but we came away feeling incredibly festive as well.

Beckworth Emporium is a gem of a place near Wellingborough, Northants. With restaurant, fine foods store and greenhouses packed with seasonal plants. This Christmas they were looking to expand their Christmas emporium which was usually located outside, by moving it into one of their large glasshouses. The space was to be transformed into a winter wonderland, featuring ice skating rink, curling rinks, blizzard bar, café restaurant area and corporate lounge space.

We were approached by Jake Design, Beckenham to provide the full furniture package as well as carry out the installation. It was a challenge in the sense we had 5 weeks to complete it, provide specification for soft seating, as well design and manufacture completely bespoke products in the process.

In the restaurant area we produced long dining tables with thick, ply edge tops with various colours and bench seating to accompany it. Around the curling area we manufactured high tables as well as procuring seating for spectators to watch the curling whilst enjoying a glass of mulled wine. And in the skate area we designed and manufactured bespoke low benches for the public to sit on to put on and take of their ice skates. We also provided all the tops to manufacture the bar and skate exchange areas.

The lounge area of the bar brought upon it’s own challenges with the tight lead times, but we managed to deliver a contemporary and cosy area for corporate events and private parties.

Jake Design did an incredible job with making the space feel magical and festive and the staff at Beckworth were a pleasure to work with. It’s great to see a space being used and enjoyed by the general public, we hope we can sneak up there soon for a beer and a skate.

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